Contributing guide


The source file should contain a license header. See the existing files as the example.

Python coding style

Changes to Python code should conform to PEP8 Style Guide for Python Code.

You can use pycodestyle to check the style.

C++ coding style

Changes to C++ code should conform to Google C++ Style Guide.

You can use cpplint to check the style and use clang-format to format the code:

clang-format -style="{BasedOnStyle: google,            \
                      DerivePointerAlignment: false,   \
                      PointerAlignment: Right,         \
                      BinPackParameters: false}" $file

C++ logging guideline

VLOG is used for verbose logging, which is configured by environment variable MACE_CPP_MIN_VLOG_LEVEL. The guideline of VLOG level is as follows:

0. Ad hoc debug logging, should only be added in test or temporary ad hoc
1. Important network level Debug/Latency trace log (Op run should never
   generate level 1 vlog)
2. Important op level Latency trace log
3. Unimportant Debug/Latency trace log
4. Verbose Debug/Latency trace log

C++ marco

C++ macros should start with MACE_, except for most common ones like LOG and VLOG.